The Stone is an independent, not-for-profit journalistic platform dedicated to the libertarian expression of ideas. We aim to provide an Australian audience with original policy analysis, reportage, commentary, and interviews on Australian subjects – politics, culture, economics, and more – that you can’t get anywhere else. We are enthusiastically not part of any establishment, political or journalistic. 

Our only political commitment at The Stone is to the libertarian expression of ideas – whether right, left, or whatever other ideological position. 

We have a core team of staff writers at The Stone, with different interests, perspectives, and ideological colourations. But we also welcome and encourage submissions from freelance writers with something interesting to say. We can offer you any money, but we can (assuming you write and think well enough) offer you a place to be published free from the increasingly narrow-minded editorial whims of mainstream publications. 

Our Audience

We expect our readers to be learned, interested, engaged, and most of all bored with the insipid stream of pseudo-news that flows daily from the main institutional organs of the ‘Fourth Estate’. 

Our pledge.

At The Stone, we strive for accuracy, and work hard to fact-check our stories before they go online. However, if readers or concerned citizens spot any factual errors in our pieces, we encourage them to contact us immediately, so that we may investigate. We regard intellectual honesty as a moral imperative.